Online Security


We take stringent steps to ensure that only you (or someone authorised by you) can

access to your accounts.

A world class solution that makes Internet banking completely secure has therefore been

implemented. Here are some of our security measures.


User authentication


Site certificates



User authentication


What is encryption?

Encryption converts a meaningful message or other information into something meaningless to

those without the authority to view it. It also allows an authorised person to 'decrypt' the message,

i.e. to convert it back into its original form. Encryption and decryption make it possible to pass

messages between two (or more) people/computers without allowing anyone else to understand



What kind of encryption does Internet banking use?

We don't encrypt information that is publicly available. Your banking session, however, is protected by the highest level of security, provided by an internationally tried-and tested encryption technique that is significantly stronger than the 40-bit-key industry standard.

Without getting too technical, our technique is based on Secure Sockets Layer SSL standard (of

a similar strength to that used by other leading international internet banks) that encrypts

information between your web browser and our banking World Wide Web server.


How do I encrypt my secure communications?

If you have the browsers Microsoft IE 8, Monzilla Firefox, Google Chrome, you'll be able to access Internet banking without any additional software. These browsers supply 128-bit encryption to banking sites, and 40-bit

encryption to non-banking sites that require encryption.


How do I know when my communication is encrypted?

If your browser is Microsoft IE 8.0 or higher

To verify your 128-bit connection drag your mouse pointer over the lock on the status bar at the

bottom of your browser. A popup box will display 'SSL Secured 128 bit'. To establish encryption

strength if the lock is not displayed view the site certificate contents in the 'Properties' option

under the 'File' menu bar item, and then select the 'Certificates' button.



How to verify the banking site certificate if you use a SGC browser:

The Microsoft IE browser allows you to view a site certificate from the 'Properties'

option under the 'File' menu bar item at the top of your screen.

The Microsoft Internet Explorer, Monzilla Firefox, Google Chrome browsers should display the following key information:


This certificate belongs to:


This certificate was issued by:





Fire walling is a barrier between a sensitive internal network (as used by the bank) and the

Internet. Our state-of-the-art firewalls protect our computers and your data, reinforced by

other high-security measures designed by experts and continually reviewed by specialists.

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